Youth With A Mission (YWAM) encompasses thousands of people and hundreds of ministries in almost every country of the world. In every case, our passion is to know God and to make Him known.

We are a mixture of people from all over the world, from more than 170 countries. In many of our locations, people from a wide variety of nations serve side by side. We come from numerous different Christian denominations and speak hundreds of languages. Nearly half of our staff come from “non-western” countries, such as Brazil, Korea, Indonesia, India and Nepal.

In addition to our full-time staff, many YWAM locations host short-term outreach teams made up of individuals, youth groups, families and churches who get to participate first-hand in “making God known” through both words and actions. We send out over 25,000 short-term missionaries each year.

YWAM in Finland

Missionuoret – Youth With A Mission Finland

Since the beginning of the 2000′s, YWAM Finland has experienced a period of new growth. For many years, YWAM Finland had its office in the Helsinki region, but after the Koivumäki base was established in 2004, the ministry soon expanded to include not only Helsinki and Koivumäki but also Rovaniemi and the Ruurikkala base in Evijärvi plus the newest operating location at the Perheniemi training institution in Iitti. The work in Helsinki was officially repioneered in 2012. New schools have been pioneered and the number of staff has also grown at an encouraging rate.

Discipleship Training School Team in Poland

  • YWAM Finland organises Discipleship Training School’s (DTS) all around the years. DTS schools start in January, June and September/October, so it’s easy to join any time of the year. Annually we send out estimated 50+ students and staff on short-term missions trips, all around the world.
  • Different types of teams travel throughout Finland discipling, challenging and inspiring youth to be active in their faith, as well as serving at various events as needed.
  • The King’s Kids ministry reaches some 1000 children and youth throughout Finland.
  • YWAM Finland organises and helps to organise various youth events in Finland.
  • We also participate in the international ministries of Youth With A Mission, such as international Member Care.

YWAM Finland desires to spread the love of God through new methods, and that’s why new ministries are birthed all the time. We don’t want to be afraid of stepping out of the box, and thus allowing people to find themselves doing things they could never have imagined doing before. All things are possible with God, and as we give Him room, we will see signs and wonders!