But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? That is why the Scriptures say, “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news-Romans 10:14-15NLT


Worship DTS Outreach in the Philippines


Our 10 member team  arrived Manila on the 24th of June. We helped in YWAM Balut base. Our team served in a slum area where thousand of poor people live. We gave away clothes to children that were given to us by different churches and people in Finland.



In Mindoro we did many things from church ministry to jail ministry. One thing that really was on our hearts was to help the Mangyan tribe. With the money we got from open meeting love gifts, we were able buy materials in building a bamboo church for the new believers from the tribe. The Bamboo church is being used for different purposes for example: church meetings, Bible studies, classroom for children. We also to bought flip flops for children, rice and medicines.


Our team met one lovely woman, who was very sick. She was raped by her grandfather and she got pregnant, and later had a miscarriage. She had also lung cancer. We went to her house and prayed for her and spend time with her. She was really shy, sick and depressed, but after prayer she seemed already much better and she could smile. She also received Christ in her heart. We met her several times and we invited her to have lunch with us and to pray and worship together. We had really good time with them and we were worshiping all together and we washed her feet and sang a song over her. After this meeting her sister and mother, who was a witch doctor, gave their lives to Jesus. After every meeting this woman was feeling better and more joyful and we could really see the change in her eyes. The last time we saw her she was praying out loud and laughing with us and was really touched. About one and half months later we heard news that she had passed away. It was a sad news to hear about her dying but we know where she is right now.



We did a lot of evangelism in Baguio and other ministries. We met one lady in the streets. She had been there for twenty years and she is around sixty years old. She was so interested to hear the things about spiritual things. After sharing the Good News to her she decided to give her life to Jesus and we gave her a new testament. She wanted us to tell more about God. We met her three times and we prayed together, had conversations about the bible and Jesus. We even bought her a whole bible. Now that we are already in Finland, local YWAM base will continue praying for her and help her in anyway they can.



We were given the opportunity to serve in the mountain area. We prayed for the city and the salvation of the people. We ministered also with the young people who live in that area.
Our host took us to the hospital so we could pray for the people. While talking to the patients and hospital staff ,we came across a patient  who was suffering from back problems. Some of our team members prayed for him, while waiting for host to pick us up, this same man came out from the hospital smiling saying: “thank you I’m going home now because I have no more pains on my back”.


Our outreach in the different parts of the Philippines for almost three months was not that easy because the country was hit by several typhoons. We had learned a lot to trust the Lord to help us not only in serving and ministering to the people but in our everyday life. Let us continue to pray for the people who have heard the good news that they will follow the Lord.


Serving and growing in the daily routines of life

While the Worship DTS students and staff are on outreach the staff who remained in YWAM Koivumäki were also serving in different ways. Cleaned and prepared rooms for the guests who came to stay for a few days, prayed for them, cooked and served food; cut the grass; cut the wood and answered phone calls and email. They also visited and helped elderly neighbors who are in need of practical help/ in need of someone to listen to them. One of the guests said that he was so blessed by the hospitality and care that was shown to him by the staff. Another woman said that she was refreshed and encouraged by the way she was treated and valued. The joy and love demonstrated by the staff is contagious. She was so glad to find refuge and peace in this place. The daily routine went on for more than two months before the students and staff returned from their short term mission trip. Jesus our King, showed us the example of serving through the daily routines of our lives. One day, after dinner time,Jesus took the towel and basin and washed the feet of the disciples. In John 21:12 we can read that Jesus was calling them to come and have breakfast. God uses the common stuff of ordinary life to build the character of His disciples. The great hindrance in spiritual life is that we look for big things to do and we consider the daily routines of life unimportant or boring and have nothing to do with our spiritual growth.


Outreach Update: Tribe to Tribes in Montana, USA

Worshipping God with our Hands

The Agsaganis’ joined YWAM Philippines’ team for almost two months in serving the Native American Indians in Montana.They worship the Lord by using their hands. They were giving people free coffee, water, clothes and picking trash.


Many of the people whom they served asked them,”Why are you doing this?” Their response was, God told us to do it. This conversation opened up people to share their circumstances and an opportunity to pray for them. Two teen-agers specifically asked Clarita to pray for them. She took this opportunity to share the Good News of Christ to them. Both of them decided to surrender their lives to Jesus. Gina,a member of their team led 2 young girls who were from another Indian Reservation Camp.

The two young girls were so in need of help and burdened with different things. A woman approached their booth because she felt so anxious, unsafe, fearful and need of prayer. They prayed for her and allowed her to stay with them in their booth until she felt safe, peaceful and ready to go home. The Agsaganis and YWAM Philippines team met many children and teen-agers who are so open to the Good News of the Kingdom. They even brought their friends to the teamso they can share to them the Gospel. Let us pray that these children, teen-agers, young people and the people who heard the Gospel from the members of YWAM Philippines team to be protected and to continue to choose the right way and the truth of Jesus Christ each day.

Reading Camp

The Agsaganis and YWAM Philippine team did not expect that they will be teaching children from grades 1-7 to read and improve their understanding/comprehension skill. Even their host, Pastor Bruce was so surprised when he was praying and asking the Lord what will the team do in the Reservation Camp.


The members of the team said that it was not easy but God taught them to keep loving them, see them through His eyes and pray for each of them and their families. It was a real privilege and a big encouragement to the whole team as they see the openness of each child to share what is in their hearts and willingness to cooperate with them as they teach them. They even ask them to pray for their families and friends. At the end of the three-week reading camp the team felt felt sad to say goodbye to the kids because they became close and attached to to them.

Native American Indian Pow wow

The Agsaganis and YWAM Philippine team served with other teams from all over USA in three POW WOW in three different places. They served by picking rubbish scattered in the stadium, giving free coffee, water and praying for people.


The team worked alongside teams from different churches.They are so glad to see the love of Christ and servant heart of these brothers and sisters being demonstrated/shared to the people they were serving. They were able to talk to many people while picking trash, serving coffee, water and giving away clothes. Some came to their booth and thank them while others came to be prayed for. YES, the Lord helped and enabled each member of the team with His grace, mercy and wisdom. Our Father in heaven’s heart is longing for the different American Indian Tribes who are lost and being trapped by drugs, alcohol, violence at home and other addictions to be set free. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. We are so grateful to your prayers and we want you to join us in praying for the Native American Indians because they need God and the young believers need discipleship so they will grow and continue to follow Jesus.


Simply put, if it wasn’t for faithful partners like you, we wouldn’t continue doing what God has called us to do in His Name. So thank you for supplying the funds that we need to make a difference in the lives of people in this nation and in other countries where God sends us to bring His Good News and help.

Up Coming Schools and Events

1. Crossroads Discipleship Training School- Starts on 12.01. 2018- Pray for the students and staff

2. School of Worship- Starts on 05.04.2018- Pray that the Lord send the students and right staff

3. School of Missions and Evangelism- Starts on 08.04.2018- Pray that the Lord will send the staff and students from different parts of the world who really have the heart for those who do not know the Lord.

4. Worship &Thanksgiving-Starts on 30-31.12.2017-01.01.2018 Pray that people from other churches will join us in worshiping, thanking the Lord and bring His presence in the streets of Kuopio and Siilinjärvi.

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