YWAM Koivumäki October-December 2017 News

YWAM Koivumäki October-December 2017 NEWSLETTER

And rejoice! Celebrate all the good things that God, your God, has given you and your family; you and the Levite and the foreigner who lives with you. Deuteronomy 26:11

Indeed, we are to rejoice and give thanks for God’s goodness and faithfulness  even when we go through many challenges and difficulties in life. As a family, when we look back at the way God intervened and guided us all, we can really say that He is loving and just in all He does. We know that we are still here worshiping,following, loving and serving Him.

Weekend Counseling Seminar

This is the fourth time YWAM Koivumäki conducted this kind of seminar in our training center. We are so amazed at the things that took place during the two-day seminar. A  friend of YWAM Koivumäki brought her two friends to the seminar. The Lord used this time to reveal Himself to both of them and for both of them to see their need of Christ in their lives. They responded positively to the message of the Lord to both of them through the Speaker and the counselor who prayed for each of them.

    dscn0417                                   dscn0430

Participants of the weekend seminar sharing to each other .                             Fellowship continues during meal times.

Another breakthrough happened to two women who have not seen each each other for a long time and are not in good terms. They were both led by the Lord to be reconciled right on the first day of the seminar.  The seminar participants stated on their feedback that they have met the Lord, they receive healing from old wounds and pains cause by others. They were able also to release forgiveness and let go of the past hurts that are hindering them to have a better relationship with others.

YWAM Koivumäki family served them by preparing, cooking and serving them food. We also had the opportunity to encourage them while eating meals with them. Yes, meaningful conversation took place at the table while having the meals with them. Other members of our team led the worship during the two-day seminar and also praying while the speaker is teaching.

dscn0425                                     dscn0427

The kitchen crew preparing and cooking food for the counseling seminar participants

YWAM Koivumäki Family Adventures inside and outside of Finland

Yap, the adventure continues. We were able to serve and minister in several places in home meetings and in local churches  in Finland.

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YWAM Koivumäki Staff after ministering in Nurmes Pentecostal Church.      Koivumäki team after praying and interceeding for Tallin, Estonia.

Some of YWAM Koivumäki staff served in an International Conference in reaching out and mobilizing Children for a few days in a small city near our center. Thank you for your prayers, the Conference that YWAM King’s Kids Finland organized went well. Many children, teen-agers as well as older people were challenged and encouraged to take part in reaching out to the people, sharing the Good News of the kingdom in their own schools, workplaces, neighborhood, cities or towns.

We are always encouraged and refreshed every time we go out to teach, serve and minister in other places. It is not easy specially when are travel from one place to another. However, we’re always humbled and encouraged at the same time because we saw the Lord ministering, touching, speaking to the people who attended the meetings where we were teaching and serving. After the message, one of the ladies who led the worship asked one of us to pray for her. She was in a difficult situation, she is also afraid to become homeless if she is unable to find a place to stay. After praying for her, she left the meeting with joy, confidence and peace. What a mighty and faithful God we have.

In one of the meetings where we served as a team, we were all given the opportunity to share what the Lord has given to us before praying for the people who came to the meeting. In a small church where we ministered, while I was sharing/preaching one of the men keep on shouting and disrupting the meeting. One of our team member took him outside the church in a coffee shop. They talked and shared. After our team member shared to him the Good news of Salvation the man decide to give his life  to the Lord. According to the other members of the church, this was the first time that this man came to church with his wife and child. It was also his time to encounter his Redeemer, King and Savior.

During our prayer times as we normally do in our training center, the Lord reminded us to pray specifically for the ministers (pastors, priests, youth workers, church elders) who are serving in Siilinjärvi,  Kuopio and nearby towns. While praying, we all felt to invite the pastors, priests and their wives for a meal in our center so we could encourage them, pray for them and have a fellowship with them.

dscn0559                                                      dscn0532

The Pastors, Priest, church workers of Siilinjärvi and Kuopio including their wives in a love feast that our training center had arranged to recognize and appreciate the ministries that they are doing in their local churches.

We are so thankful for the opportunity of serving and encouraging these ministers with their wives. They were so encouraged and they even invited us to join them in their prayer times, and in serving their congregations or their church members and communities.

dscn0544                                                      c-a

Mark Erickson giving an encouragement to the Pastors and their wives.       Chris & Armand explaining the dance that they will do in honor to the guests.

Angélique serving at the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem

This is my third time to serve in Jerusalem at the Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot. Sukkot is a feast of rejoicing before the Lord. Jewish families built a sukkah in remembrance of the booth where Israelites lived in during their 40 years in the desert.

wp_20171010_14_50_15_pro                                                    wp_20171010_22_01_37_pro

This has been a great experience to serve people from different nations. It has been a great time of thanksgiving worship and prayer. It is amazing to see that what Zechariah says in chapter 14:16 come to pass every year as thousand of people from different nations march in Jerusalem.

Christmas Celebration

YWAM Koivumäki regularly arrange a Christmas party for the neighbors. This year there were not many of those who always came but several of them came out of curiosity but ending up enjoying the celebration and the fellowship.They were so encouraged to have this opportunity to meet others in the neighborhood and enjoy the celebration. They also had the chance to hear the Gospel and the true meaning of Christmas.

dscn0621                                               dscn0626

The Filipino staff singing Christmas Carol for the neighbors.                         Fellowship and sharing time with the guests over coffee and food.

YWAM Koivumäki family desires to continue reaching out and serving the people in the neighborhood in different ways specially those who do not know the Lord and also to encourage those who are still new in their walk with the Lord. We have heard positive feedback from those whom we met along the way and even in the shops that is why we are praying for more staff to come and serve not only the people in the community where are but also the neighboring cities, villages and other nearby countries.

Worship and Thanksgiving

dscn0742                                               dscn0745

YWAM Koivumäki team ministering and serving in a Worship Gathering of believers from different churches in Vuorenlinna to thank the Lord for His great & mighty deeds in 2017 and to welcome 2018 with gratefulness and trust for what He has prepared.

This time, YWAM Koivumäki family felt lead by the Lord not to have any seminar at the end of 2017 but to gather as a family 0n the 30th of December to worship, praise and thank God for who He is, His great deeds and the way He has led, provided, sheltered and walked with us as a family and as individuals in our journey with Him.

We were also invited to join the other churches to welcome 2018 in Worship and Thanksgiving Gathering in Vuorenlinna. What a blessing to be one in the Spirit with other believers from different churches and denomination and worship the Lord. Give thanks for what He has already planned and released for 2018.

To all of you dear friends and  partners, we want you to know how much we appreciate your your partnership and friendship. If it wasn’t for faithful supporters like you, we wouldn’t be able to continue doing what the Lord has called us to do. So thank you for generosity. Together let us  make a difference in the lives of people in this land and other countries who are in need of Christ, discipleship and practical help.

Prayer Points

  1. Crossroads DTS 2018 that will start on 12.01.2018- pray for more students to come, their financial provisions and other needs to be provided by the Lord.
  2. A new vehicle to be used by the students and staff in going to other places to serve in different ways as the Lord leads.
  3.  More staff who have the heart and passion to serve in this country and neighboring nations.
  1. Wisdom, strength, joy and financial provisions for the staff of YWAM Koivumäki.


Blessings and grace in Christ,

YWAM Koivumäki Family


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