Seasons and Changes!

Indeed, seasons come and go and changes happen all the time whether we like it or not.However, what is really amazing is the faithfulness and the goodness of God that He keeps pouring into our lives so we can cope with the changes that He is doing in our lives and for us to appreciate the seasons that we go through in our lives- spiritually and physically.

In Ecclesiastes 3 we can also read that everything has its time. This is really true. October to December has been a time for preparation for the coming Discipleship Training Schools in 2019. It was a time to visit churches, friends, families, and to promote or advertise the schools. However, this was also a time that each member of YWAM Koivumäki Family felt that God was drawing us closer to Himself. It was also a time to seek the Lord concerning the things that He has promised and spoken to each person and to YWAM Koivumäki.


Our small team has been serving in different ways in churches and fellowships where we were invited. In one of the churches where we served, we prayed and encouraged two elderly ladies who have been faithfully serving in that church. They were both encouraged and challenged at the same time with the message shared by one of to the members of the church. A wife came forward for prayer was encouraged and yet felt the burden of the negative things going on in her own family. She was having a headache, pain on the shoulder and neck. We prayed for healing, Jesus met her and healed her headache, the pain on her neck and shoulders.

In another meeting where we served, we met a man who is so hungry of the Lord. He shared to us that he wants to follow and serve the Lord. We prayed for him and shared about our Discipleship Training School. He said he would like to know more about it. In that meeting too, we had the opportunity to pray for freedom and inner healing for a woman who has been struggling with bitterness and unwillingness to let go of the people who had hurt and wounded her. After praying and speaking hope, and truth over her. She felt the chain and heaviness left her whole being. She really felt the Lord meeting her and setting her free. Her face was joyful and at peace when she left us. What an amazing God we have.

During these months two members of YWAM Koivumäki family went to help in YWAM Oulu. They had the opportunities to go with the DTS students and staff in sharing the Good News of hope to people in the streets, shops and praying for people in the shopping malls. They were able to reach out to grades 8-9 students by sharing/teaching God’s word and ministering in some churches, too. They said that they were so encouraged to see how God changed the lives of the DTS students and also some of those people whom they served and met in the school, in the shopping malls and churches.

We are so thankful for the invitations we had received to serve and minister in several places: Vantaa, Riistavesi, Kuopio, Pohjanmaa and Pirkkanmaa. We need your prayers to help us to be bold and courageous in sharing God’s Word for salvation to come to people who need Christ and to encourage people to be passionate in following and obeying the Lord because they love HIM.

As you can see in the pictures, we have started repairing the toilet on the first floor. According to the feedback of the participants who attended the seminars and courses in YWAM Koivumäki they were blessed, encouraged and learned a lot, however, the toilets are not enough. 




So the team Leadership prayed and decided to have the old toilets be repaired even though there is not enough money to do it. They are trusting on the promise of the Lord that He is able to provide for the needed finances.

2007 Snowboarding DTS Students and Staff Reunion

As you can see in the pictures below the participants of the first snowboarding Discipleship Training School/DTS that YWAM Koivumäki conducted in 2007 together with some of their staff have been enjoying their time together.

2007 Snowboarding DTS graduates and their staff together with their family enjoying catching up and sharing what the Lord is doing in their lives.

The idea of this gathering came from one of the participants when he and his family attended a King’s kids weekend seminar in Koivumäki. The former students and staff enjoyed their fellowship sharing what the Lord has been doing in their lives: family life, work, involvement in the Kingdom work and other things.

While the women are looking after their children, the men were cutting and chopping wood in the football field to help YWAM Koivumäki in preparing for the firewood that will be used in heating the whole building. What a blessing that they set this time to catch up with each other, encourage one another and to help Koivumäki in a practical way.

Their next plan is to meet again in Spring 2019 to pray, worship and plan things that they will be doing in making God known to others who do not know Him yet in a personal way. They will also help with practical things that needed to be done in Koivumäki.



DTS Students for koivumäki

We have many potential students that are praying about joining YWAM and doing a DTS. However, they are unable to attend our Discipleship Training due to lack of finances and spiritual support. If you would like to see these Finns from different age groups, we encourage and challenge you to partner with us. You can sponsor a DTS student from Finland, please let us know. You will be investing in building Gods Kingdom in Finland and in other countries.

A Staff in Koivumäki

Do you know that many staff has been serving in YWAM Koivumäki all through these years? However, due to lack of partners who would support them in prayers and in finances several of them have to leave while those who continued serving are believing and trusting the Lord to connect them to those who would be willing to partner with them. Would you consider this opportunity to be part in enabling the staff in YWAM Koivumäki to continue to disciple and mobilize people to go and share the good news and make disciples? Adopt a YWAM Koivumäki staff now!

Adopt YWAM Koivumäki

YWAM Koivumäki has been serving, training and mobilizing people for the past thirteen years. As a family, we need your support to grow healthy and to continue what God has called us to do as part of the Body of Christ. We would like to ask you to pray and consider adopting us and the work that we are doing.. If this is something you feel God is laying on your heart, please do not hesitate to contact us through email: koivumaki@ywam.fi or by phone: +358-504689737

Our God is not made of stone. His heart is the most sensitive and tender of all. No act goes unnoticed, no matter how insignificant or small. A cup of cold water is enough to put tears in the eyes of God. God celebrates our feeble expressions of gratitude. Richard J. Foster

This is how I want to describe how the Father sees each one of the staff in YWAM Koivumäki who made the decision to follow and obey Him. The Father is delighted to see each of you making Him your priority in life and the reason for serving others.

To the faithful, kind and generous partners of YWAM Koivumäki, the Lord sees your kindness, generosity, and partnership in the ministry that the Lord has entrusted to us. We are so blessed to have you on our team. We greatly appreciate your prayers, friendship, and support. Thank you for believing in the work we’re doing and for your trust in us.

Join us in Praying for the Following

1. God would send the right students and staff for our 2019 Discipleship Training School.

2. Strength, discernment, and wisdom so that we can do the right decisions, do our responsibilities inside and outside of YWAM Koivumäki Center.

3. Financial provision to cover the expenses in repairing the toilet, insurance of the building, cars and the ministries of YWAM Koivumäki.

4. Supporters or partners for students, staff and YWAM Koivumäki who will be partnering through their prayers and regular financial gifts.

5. New staff who are passionate about what God is passionate at and willing to commit for a long term and short term.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Helen Keller

Our prayer for us all is that each day we will choose to live with gratitude for the love that fills our hearts, the peace that rests within our spirits, and the voice of hope that says all things are possible because the ONE who calls us His children is faithful, good and able. We also pray that you will hear clearly the Father’s sweet voice reassuring who you are becoming in Jesus and you would continue being rooted and grounded in His love and truth.

We want to thank you for your faithfulness in praying for us and in your generous partnership in God’s work. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can also pray specifically for you, your family, your work and other things that you want to share to be prayed for.

Grace, Peace, and love in Christ!


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