After praying and asking the Lord for direction for this starting school, we are now planning to have an open-door Crossroads DTS 2018. This means that we will receive full time registered students in addition with other people interested in attending some of the teaching weeks.

Due to these changes the starting date of the school is postponed to next week Friday 19th of January.

The new registration for the school is as follows;

Full registration, Monthly registration and Weekly registration.

Full registration for the whole DTS lecture phase, the cost is 1900€/person (food, accommodation and tuition fee).

Monthly registration is 400€/person (additional accommodation fee if you stay at Koivumäki 7 € / night).

Weekly cost is 100€/person (additional accommodation fee if you stay at Koivumäki 7 € / night).

The Crossroads DTS has 12 teaching weeks and one topic is covered each week. Here are the four topics of the beginning of the school.

Date Topic
22-26 January Identity in Christ/Identiteetti Kristuksessa
29-31 January-2nd February Father Heart of God/Jumalan Isän sydän
5-9 February Worship & Intimacy with God/Ylistys ja läheisyys Jumalan kanssa
12-16 February Holy Spirit & Spiritual Gifts/Pyhä Henki & Hengelliset lahjat

Crossroads DTS 2018 Application form