The focus of this  Discipleship Training School(DTS) is worship because we believe that the Father is raising an army of intercessors and worshipers around the world. We are also aware that worship, praises, thanksgiving, and prayer transforms the world and releases the glory of God to the nations, individuals, and spheres of societies. The Father is looking for devoted worshipers. Are you one of them?

IMG_8229Worship DTS 2019  is for you whose heart burns for the Lord and are desiring for a closer relationship with Him. If you also want to learn more about praise, worship, intercession, and find your own calling as His child then this is for you. On top of the basic DTS’ topics, we will focus on spending time in worship and prayer, interceding for different nations and topics, and leading worship. There is also a possibility to focus on different ways to worship. You don’t need to be musically skilled to apply to this school. It is your attitude and motivation to go deeper in your relationship with the Lord that counts.

Worship DTS is not a music or arts’ school. You will need to bring your own equipment for playing music, painting, etc.

Note our fees

IMG_8638Lecture Phase fees are INCLUSIVE of tuition, accommodation, food costs, all school-related transport-


Amount: 1900 Euros

Non-refundable Registration fee: 300 for Finns/  200 Euros for non-Finns (to be paid after the applicant is accepted)


Outreach Phase fees include air-tickets and ground fees (accommodation, meals and outreach transportation) and it depends on the outreach location- from 2000 Euros to 2500 Euros


SCHOOL DATE: (To be announced)

For more information, contact the e-mail: